6 Signs You Need Serious Furnace Repair

Furnaces are still one of the best and most trusted heating systems in the market. What makes them high in regard are their durability and resilience. With proper care, a furnace can easily last anywhere between 10-15 years. Perhaps what makes it a favorite among owners is its simplicity in operation. However, no matter how simple its operation may seem to you, they need routine maintenance and care nevertheless. 

Owners often miss or ignore a few signs that indicate there’s something seriously wrong with their furnace. Sometimes the loud noise you hear may indeed be because of something as simple as a clogged filter or debris stuck in the ducts. Nonetheless, you must schedule a heating repair in Clear Lake, TX, immediately if the following signs become increasingly prominent 

  • Too Much Dust and Debris 

Try to get your filters cleaned or replaced at least once a month. If you live in a typically polluted or colder climate which may exert more pressure on your furnace, you may need to clean or change your filter more than once a month. Dirty filters can lead to a range of other issues such as short cycling, rising energy consumption, inadequate heating, etc. 

You must also keep the area around the furnace clean and tidy and make sure things like plants, drapes, etc., aren’t blocking the vents.

  • Yellow Pilot Light 

Yellow pilot light often indicates a problem with your gas supply, and there might be a CO leak in your furnace. Call for a professional furnace service near me immediately and have them fix the issue. CO can easily go undetected and is extremely poisonous for human beings. Hence the name, the silent-killer. 

  • Irregular Noise

Besides the operational humming, any other noise that becomes prominent when you turn your furnace on requires a professional’s attention. Owners tend to overlook such issues thinking it will go away on its own, but it usually does not. Loud noises from your furnace can indicate blower motor issues, ductwork faults, inadequate refrigerant levels, internal component damage, etc. Only a trained professional can locate and fix any strange and irregular noise. 

  • Increase in Energy Bills 

An unexplained rise in energy bills can also indicate trouble with your furnace. Your furnace’s rise in energy consumption can be caused by many elements such as insulation issues, overheating, leakage in ducts, inadequate refrigerant, problems with heat exchangers, etc. Contact top heating contractors near me for a quick examination and solution.

  • Cold Air 

Cold air blowing from your furnace can be discomforting and annoying. Such problems can arise from a malfunctioning heat exchanger, gas supply issues, or leakage in ducts. 

  • Age 

As furnaces get old, their performance and efficiency gradually go down. Despite regular upkeep, your furnace will exhibit any of the signs above more frequently after a certain period. If a replacement is not on the table, you may consider getting a tune-up from certified heating contractors near me. 

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