Heating & Furnace Repair in Clear Lake City, TX

As Lake City dives into the winter season, homeowners are eager to ensure their heaters and furnaces are in mint condition to combat the chilly months ahead. A furnace malfunction or a breakdown of your home’s heating system can be pretty awful, especially during the holidays when all you want to do is to spend the evenings cozying up with your loved ones. Not to worry, as it is not too late to call in for expert help.

Ingle Air & Refrigeration is one of the best HVAC services in Lake City for heater repair

Who are we?

With over 20 years of experience in the HVAC industry, Ingle Air & Refrigeration has served Lake City residents since 2007. Our team of licensed experts is passionate about bringing comfort and peace of mind to our customers. 

Over the last two decades, we have built a loyal customer base that includes both residential and commercial owners in the Greater Houston and Baytown areas. We provide a range of services, including furnace and heating repair in Lake City, air conditioning repair and installation services, indoor air quality services, and many more.

Why choose Ingle Air & Refrigeration?

There are several reasons why you should entrust us with your HVAC systems:

  • Highly skilled technicians

The Ingle Air & Refrigeration team of HVAC technicians is highly skilled and well-experienced when dealing with furnace and heating systems. Our crew can analyse various brands and builds of heating systems and identify and rectify issues with ease. Their deep knowledge of all things HVAC allows them to identify the heart of the problem and provide long-term solutions.

  • Excellent service

Customer service is at the top of our priority list here at Ingle Air & Refrigeration. Our technicians are available on call 24×7, so you can rest assured that your furnace or heating system repair will be done in no time should you face an emergency. Our friendly technicians are never late and make every effort to provide you with an equally pleasant and professional experience.

  • 100% satisfaction

As HVAC experts with extensive experience working with various furnaces and heating systems, we can guarantee you 100% satisfaction with our services. 

Services we provide

Ingle Air & Refrigeration provides a wide range of services that covers all your HVAC needs throughout the year. Here is a breakdown:

  • Our heating services include heating repair, heating installation, heating replacement, heating maintenance, and heating tune-up.
  • Our furnace services include furnace repair, furnace installation, furnace maintenance, furnace replacement, and furnace tune-up.
  • We also provide air conditioning services like AC repair, AC installation, AC maintenance, AC replacement, and AC tune-up.
  • Our heat pump services include heat pump repair, heat pump installation, heat pump maintenance, heat pump replacement, and heat pump tune-up.
  • The other services we provide are in ductless systems, ice machines, exhaust vents, coolers, and freezers.

Contact us

At Ingle Air & Refrigeration, we have heating, furnace, ductless, air conditioning, indoor air quality, and energy solutions services. If you’ve spent hours looking up furnace repair near me, look no further. Give us a call today at (713) 449-5070. You can also get in touch with us via email at [email protected].