No Power to the Thermostat? | Try These Troubleshooting Tips

Thermostats are often overlooked components of the AC, especially when it comes to maintenance and care. Thermostats are intelligent devices that communicate heating and cooling requirements and other directions to your air conditioning or heating system. If you have been facing trouble with your thermostat lately, there are a few inspections you can perform yourself before scheduling an AC repair in Clear Lake, TX.

Troubleshooting Your Thermostat

To troubleshoot your thermostat and get it up and running again, you first need to understand the possible causes behind a malfunctioning thermostat. For a head start on resolving your thermostat issues, we have listed a few common issues that you can resolve with minimal tools or professional assistance, like AC repair in Clear Lake, Tx.

       1. Household Power Supply Issues

One of the common causes your thermostat receives no power can be because of power supply issues. Your household has an electric safety measure called a circuit breaker switch which trips in case there is a voltage fluctuation in the power supply to your house, keeping your HVAC and other appliances safe from power surges. Try resetting your breaker switch if it has tripped.

Frequent breaker switch trips also indicate an issue with the power lines, which should get examined by electricians only.

         2. Low Voltage Equipment

Sometimes the screen on your thermostat can go completely blank, putting owners under the appearance that their entire thermostat is malfunctioning. Many thermostats are powered by 24 volts from a transformer inside your HVAC equipment. If your HVAC receives low voltage, your thermostat screen receives no power and goes black.

Low voltage can be traced back to the breaker switch and power mains. If the breaker switch is tripped, try resetting it, resolving the issue right away.

        3. Malfunctioning Fuse

If the thermostat switch is working just fine yet there is no power at the thermostat, you may want to check the thermostat fuse for any discrepancies. Start by removing the thermostat cover. Upon locating the fuse, check whether a filament running through the length of the fuse is intact or not. A broken filament means you will have to replace the fuse with a new fuse of a similar make and model.

      4. Old Batteries

Owners tend to forget to replace their thermostat batteries when switching on their air conditioning or heating system after inactivity. You should always try changing your thermostat batteries first if you have trouble turning your thermostat on.

       5. Dirty Thermostats

Dirty thermostats can also cause issues preventing your thermostat from being turned on. If your thermostat hasn’t been thoroughly cleaned in a while, try removing the cover and carefully cleaning the thermostat with compressed air, or wipe off the soot and dirt with a clean cloth to restore your thermostat’s function.

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